One of the most exciting aspects of the work done by the owners of the company “Vitis Aurunca”, is the time that passes, in the basement or around the hotel, with guests, it’s really nice to show inexperienced or passionate wine lovers where they are produced and aged wines: “Agnes” (Falerno mass primitive doc), “Fiona” (IGT Campania red).
Let people know what is “behind” a bottle, how hard and difficult decisions will lead to a quality wine, is the most important aspect of the work and passion of agronomists of this young but already established company.
The harvest is the climax of the annual rituals of grape growing and wine production. Collection of ripe grapes is always accompanied by festivities in which riccheggiano the ancient “Bacchanalia”. With the culmination of the 2016 harvest are not, therefore, missed events during which he told and showed all the stages: from the collection and primary processing up to the final tasting of wines from previous vintages, lovingly preserved in the cellars of ‘ company.

Taken from the article of the Roma October 28, 2016