Awarded at Merano Wine Festival – Mariella Primitivo Falerno del Massico DOC 2014

The WineHunter Selection it’s the exclusive selection of wineries’ and distillates’ companies, who got the badge Merano Award Wine and Culinaria from the WineHunter’s tasting committees. The companies have been invited to represent national viticulture excellence at one of the most important events in the food sector: the International Chef Congress organized by Identità Golose.
Also this year will be a dedicated area to the selection of labels awarded in 2016 with the Merano Wine Award platinum, gold and red high quality, assigned by the WineHunter tasting commission each year to the excellence of wine.
600 square meters to taste over 250 labels and get in touch with the producers of over 80 wineries.
The partecipation at the events takes place by invitation and after an evaluation of the products.
Gourmet’s international is the society that manages the award of the Superior Quality brand with the Merano Award Wine and Culinaria badge and organizes the WineHunter Events.